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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should be on Instagram


Not another Social Network

Not another social network!” we hear you cry. We don’t want to add to your ‘to do’ list unnecessarily, otherwise we wouldn’t be suggesting it, and we really think that you should consider what this increasingly powerful social media marketing tool can do for your business. From the power of the image to the refreshing lack of tricky algorithms, here are 6 reasons why your business should be on Instagram.

  1. The Power of Images

“Photos receive 53 percent more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84 percent more link clicks.” Clicz

Images are a powerful means of conveying your business and what it stands for. Many people connect to images. Facebook posts get significantly higher engagement when there’s an image attached. Instagram is all about images.

Power of Images

  1. Creativity Wins Customers

Instagram lends itself to creative and product based businesses, but it’s a powerful tool for less creative businesses, and service providers too. Instagram provides an opportunity to throw off a stereotypical industry image or to give customers and potential customers more insight into what you do.

  1. Storytelling Through Images

Instagram is very much more about visual storytelling than Facebook or Twitter, rather than the ‘hard sell’. It gives a business more freedom to develop its story through images. This alone makes Instagram an appealing platform to use.

  1. Keep Good Company

“86% of top brands have Instagram accounts” Simply Measured

June 2015 statistics suggest that Instagram is where the millennials are – 90% of users are younger than 35 (Science Daily), and top brands are generating a significantly higher engagement rate per follower via Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter (Forrester). If other businesses are benefitting, so should you – you’ll be in good company.

  1. Enhance Your Branding

Images of what you’re getting up to day to day and how you portray your business can add an extra dimension to your branding. Instagram’s built in filters allow you to play with your images to better reflect what you stand for, from sepia tones which would suit a vintage based business, to those better suited to a more cutting edge enterprise.

  1. Algorithm Free

Unlike some other social networks we could mention, there are no tricky algorithms to contend with on Instagram, no need to work out if your post will be seen and by whom. Your posts remain active in your gallery for all to see.

“75% of Instagram users are outside the US” Instagram, October 2015

If you think Instagram is for you but don’t know where to get started, watch this space – we’ll be blogging some top tips to help you get going very soon! And if you want to discuss any aspect of social media marketing and how it sits within your digital marketing strategy, why not get in touch with us here at Web Adept?

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