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A Festive BNi 60 Second Presentation from Web Adept

Web Adept has been on the run for 15 years providing web site promotion services in the wild west of the internet.

We offer businesses:

Single web page adverts or Small colourful brochures


Multi-functional shopping carts and intelligent online token systems

The main strength of web adept is their search marketing services. These come with free consultancy where we learn to understand your business sector and offer the services that will get you the best results. This can be as simple as making sure your web sites has the right search words or a fully comprehensive social media strategy.

In 2012 Web Adept will be running Social Media ½ day Workshops on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin so to open your eyes to these amazing free marketing tools.

Web Adept, where IT is translated into English

Have a smashing Christmas and virtual New Year from Web Adept


By Angus Findlay

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