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How many new Social Platforms are there out there?

New social platforms are emerging every day.  We’re taking the tests and seeing what new social platforms are worth it for businesses.

Read this on and thought… lets have a go –

The Sarasota, Fla.-based PROskore is testing the waters for a sort of Klout for professionals, though PROskore CEO Bill Jula would likely recoil at the comparison. Jula says that the main difference between PROskore and Klout is that his company takes into account more than just social media.

That is one component of a PROSkore, but others include your background and your engagement on PROSkore’s network. The hope is that recruiters and businesspeople will look at your PROskore as a quick measure of your networking prowess and your skill at your chosen profession. Jula says, however, that scores — measured on a one to 100 scale — should be taken in context.” (

Well I had a go… It was fast to complete and by the end I was adding links to my profile on It was also very USA orientated but aren’t most of them! 47/100 has now created a challenge to get the score up and look into the Pro account to if it’s worth a punt. Obviously the outcome Proskore want…..

By Angus Findlay

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