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Online Marketing – Are you there yet?

You can have the best website in the world.  It can have all the bells and whistles that you want.  It can be beautifully navigated, with wonderful images, and great offers BUT if your not getting the word about your business out there you aren’t going to get the traffic.

But, many businesses are still cautious about spending money on internet marketing.  Its probably because you can’t hold a website in your hands like you can a brochure. There’s nothing a solid to give out.  But  the truth is, these ‘outbound’ modes of marketing are also ‘outdated’.

Think about your own life, how often do you choose to follow an advert from a paper rather than just checking it out on your phone, tablet, or computer?  People aren’t using the old marketing ways anymore.  Seriously, when was the last time you looked into a Yellow Pages?

How about some examples of the cost of marketing?

The Cost of Outbound Marketing

£500 could get you a couple of ad’s in your local paper, 1000 shiny leaflets or a little spot on a local radio station.

These modes don’t reach your direct audience.  They can produce leads, but that’s mostly by chance.  Your advert can come into contact with the right person.  But that will always be a matter of luck. And once you’re out of leaflets, or someone else has spoken on your radio station you’re going to be forgotten.

What about Online ‘inbound’ Marketing?

Your online inbound marketing is different.  Money spent on online marketing will create a footprint and reputation which will bring visitors to your site for years to come.

As I said before, in today’s world people search for the products they want. They aren’t just waiting for adverts to come to them in the local paper.  They do their research, check out what other people have to offer, they read reviews of your services online

It is so much more efficient to create an environment where people who are interested in your services to find you than to target as many people as you randomly can and hope for the best.

Online marketing allows you to target, old outbound only allows you to hope.

Does Online Marketing Deliver More Value?

So, Outbound marketing requires constant topping up of payment.  You pay for £250 for an advert for one week, but the next week you’ll have to pay the same again. And guess what, you’ll pay the same the next week, and the circle goes on and on.  One week maybe you’ll get five enquiries from your advert, but then one week maybe not one person will look at it.  People could be looking for your service online, but because you’ve not put anything into that advertising stream they never find you – and they never even bother to look into the local newspaper!

Online marketing would cost the same – or even less.  And you could have a company manage your marketing.  You could have them create content which attracts your customer, and then engages with them once they’ve found you.  Online Marketing would provide you with far higher search engine visibility, making people even easier to find you.  Online Marketing would promote you on all the social media channel, all the time finding potential customers who have been directly targeted.  With each month of online marketing your visibility would increase, and thus you’d be even easier to find the next time somebody looked!

Though online marketing will provide more leads, the most important benefit is that these leads will be of a much higher quality. If it has been done properly, the path that each lead will take will have involved reading and watching content which will have answered their questions, addressed their fears and re-enforced their confidence in you. When they finally get in touch, they won’t want to ask simple questions or ask how your service works, they will want to BUY!

Online marketing is both a short and long term investment, and in both cases, it represents much greater value than old ‘outbound’ techniques.

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By Angus Findlay