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Ashdale Lifting

Web Design and Development by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development
✔ Hosting

Project Description

Ashdale Lifting provide engineering and lifting services to the Pembrokeshire area.  They provide precision machining, fabrication and general engineering services.  Safety and quality managements are crucial to their work ethos and they pride themselves on their client partnerships, working to reduce operating costs and to increase environmental performance.

Aims for the website

Ashdale Lifting wanted to move their online presence into the modern world a bit further.  Their old site was a bit dusty, and needed freshening up in order to promote their professionalism and great work.  It needed to provide all the information of the services which they offer in a friendly and easily-navigable manner whilst also staying on  brand in terms of colours and branding.  They really wanted a website designed which they would be able to use to promote their brand and serve as a 24hour face to Ashdale Lifting.


By keeping simplicity as the guiding principle Web Adept have designed and coded a custom WordPress website for Ashdale Lifting.  In our web design process we decided to keep the navigation simple and clear and the colours bright and in line with the company’s branding and literature.  The final product is a website which is visually appealing and also simple to use.