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CSE Hire

CSE Hire Web Design by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive
✔ WordPress Theme development
✔ Hosting

Project Description

CSE Hire are one of Wales’ foremost hire companies to the catering industry.  They aim to provide a high quality hire service which is informed by their extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry.  They offer a range of products from industry recognised manufacturers.

Aims of the Website

CSE Hire approached us with the desire of creating an online presence for them. They wanted  us to create, in effect, a shop window and a point of reference for anybody searching to hire catering equipment.


We designed and coded CSE Hire a whole website to provide them with solutions to the details that they wanted.  By creating a website we have made their internet image more visible.  It is easily up-datable, which allows the company to bring the site forward through content editing.  It is also linked to their social media accounts, which means that they can utilise more internet platforms to spread their brand image.