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Fenton Vets

Fenton Vets web design adn web development by Web Adept, Pembrokeshire

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development

Project Description

Fenton Vets are a Pembrokeshire based Veterinary practice who are proud to have been practicing since 1950.  They are crucial to the care of large farm animals and small domestic pets in the Pembrokeshire area.

Aims for the website

Fenton Vets wanted an industry leading veterinary website which portrayed them and their practice effectively.  There had to be a clear separation between each practice and needed to provide all the required information for every level of the service which they provide.


Web Adept deigned and built a contemporary and slick website.  Utlising their own wonderful images we were able to emphasize the beauty of the surrounding Pembrokeshire landscape and the friendliness and personality of the team which they run.  Clear blue-green divides were implemented at once to fit in with the new branding which Fenton Vets were launching but also in order to signify whether you were looking at a Farm Animal or a Domestic Pet page.  This strong use of colour means that the website has a strong brand platform, providing Fenton Vets with a wide platform to kick off their total re-launch and new branding.