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Grav – Torch Theatre

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development
✔Bi-Lingual Functionality
✔Community Blogging Area
✔Community Map Area
✔Paid Advertising Functionality

Project Description

The Torch Theatre are putting on a one man show commemorating and celebrating the life and work of one of the best known, best loved Welsh Rugby players of the last century – Ray Gravell.  The Torch Theatre will soon be launching the Grav play in theatres across Wales across this February and March.

Aims for the website

The Torch Theatre wanted a website which would well publicise the whole Grav theatre experience.  It needed to include venue and ticket information, look attractive, and offer advertising issues.  They also wanted a place on the website where people could share their Grav and Wales experiences.


Web Adept designed and developed a new website which allows outside users to add their own experiences and stories of Ray Gravell.  It also has plenty of space for advertising opportunities which will allow the Torch Theatre’s latest and most exciting project to extend and grow.  Special Functionality includes an area where people can share their stories about the man Gravell and also talk about their favourite places in Wales with an interactive map.  When you also include the fully bi-lingual elements of the website you can see that we have created a website which we are really proud of.