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Infinity Document Solutions

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development

Project Description

Infinity Document Solutions are a premier provider of printers and printing equipment across the whole of South Wales and the Wales regions. Infinity Document Solutions work primarily as the prime resellers of the top printer ranges, including Develop,Ricoh, and other top printing brands.  They also provide software solutions to help your office work efficiently.

Aims for the website

As Infinity Document Solutions work as re-sellers it was important to showcase the high level of printer companies which they supply whilst also maintaining the continuity of the Infinity brand.  The old Infinity website was difficult for users to use and we were aiming to simplify the usability of the website.


Web Adept worked alongside Infinity Document Solutions in order to build and develop a new website which would showcase the high level of solutions which they provide but also maintain the Infinity brand through out.  To do so we have used infinity branding through out.  They provided some great graphics and we also used the colours from their logos through out the website.  In doing so we have provided Infinity Document Solutions with an attractive and on brand website.  We also moved the website to a more user friendly platform and put the client at the centre of the experience in order to provide an easier to use website.