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Natural Animal Centre

Natural Animal Cente Homepage screenshot, website design and development by web adept, pembrokeshire

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development
✔Intelligent Forms
✔PayPal Implementation
✔MailChimp Synchronisation

Project Description

The Natural Animal Centre are on of the only Bach-qualification providers in the UK and are well-renowned allover the world. They offer horse, cat, and dog courses and are happy to discuss Bach remedies and Animal Behaviour Qualifications with pet-owners. They also publish their own books with guides and lessons on how to have the best relationship with your pets.

Aims for the website

The Natural Animal Centre wanted a website which would present a more friendly and feminine face to the work that they do.  They also wanted the site to be able to hold questionnaires, sign-ups for courses, harvest information for mailchimp, be connected to mailchimp, sell their products, and allow people to book animal consultations.


Web Adept have designed and developed a website which is easy to manage and easy to navigate for the user.  In order to gain the email addresses they required we have added mailchimp connection to the site.  We have also added a sign up for every PDF download available which means that they will be able to gain information and mailing list information on their users.

A series of contact forms also allows users, to sign up for consultations, purchase items from PayPal and sign  up and pay for the Natural Animal Centre Courses.

Altogether The Natural Animal Centre are the proud owners of a new website which works just as they wanted, but also looks great and is simple and easy to update.