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Northwing Nurseries

northwing nurseries screenshot by web adept

Project Info

✔ Website design
✔ Website development
✔ Responsive
✔ Request to Buy
✔ WordPress Theme Development
✔ Hosting

Project Description

Northwing Nurseries is a family run business located in the heart of Somerset.  They supply a massive variety of plants and shrubs to the trade market.

Aims of the Website

Northwing Nurseries wanted a website which would raise their profile, projected a modern and professional image, spotlighted their wonderful products and that they would be able to update in-house.


Web Adept have designed, developed and coded a website which is modern and professional.  We have begun raising Northwing Nurseries profile as a professional wholesaler by adding and starting their social media campaigns and accounts.   The website  Web Adept have designed is easy to navigate and designed with the customers interests at heart.  By creating their website on the WordPress platform we have provided them with a site with a comprehensive content management system.  As it is a request to buy website an updatable and attractive product list was crucial in the design process.  By providing that, filling the website with dynamic calls to action and creating the site on a responsive platform Web Adept have provided Northwing Nurseries with a website from which to launch their online brand, that is search engine optimised and projects a great image.

Everything is going really well with the website, we are now on the first page of Google searches, so that’s pretty good! Very positive feedback from our customers, the website seems to be absolutely spot on.  It’s helpful and really easy to use! – Helen, Northingwing Nurseries