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South London Coroner

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Project Info

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Project Description

The South London Coroner’s court is based in Croydon and is a public sector organisation who confirms and certifies the deaths of individuals within a jurisdiction.  They have the ability to conduct or order investigations into the deaths of people within their area.  The Coroner’s court also maintains and publishes the death records of those who have died within their jurisdiction.

Aims of the website

As a busy coroners website South London Coroner was looking for a website which provided specific information on inquests to the public with the main aim of easing the number of calls to the office requesting information on specific cases, thus saving a considerable amount of admin time.  It was also important that the website was easily navigable to allow users to access information quickly.


By providing a website which is easily up-dated South London Coroner are able to make quick changes to the site in real time.   Including a clearly headed ‘Inquest’ page users are able to immediately navigate to the most up-to-date inquest information arranged alphabetically and we have also provided a search facility which grants users an even more comprehensible inquiry tool.  The outcome of this project dramatically reduced telephone traffic to the coroner office, freeing up resources to other parts of the public sector.