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Pembrokeshire Businesses get the most from the Internet

Get Results from your Business Web Site – Pembrokeshire Businesses can’t be left behind!

Last night we delivered an entertaining presentation to over 30 Pembrokeshire Businesses looking at Online Marketing and internet tools, like SEO Content, Social Media, Link Building…etc that can be used to optimise their business web sites. The whole aim was to demystify the whole topic and be realistic with the time it takes to market a web site.

“Many thanks. Very informative and thought provoking” The Creative Cafe

“I learnt a lot from the evening session, and realise how behind I am getting with Social Media! “ Cruise Wales

Google is your new Business Card! Where are you when you look for your product and service??
Search Marketing, Wales
Angus Findlay @ Pembrokeshire Business Network Presentation
Some great questions and everyone left with a full list of ideas and techniques. Looking forward to seeing the results now. All slides can be viewed below:
If you want a similar presentation for your group or business please contact us.

By Angus Findlay

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