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Social Media Management for the Christmas Holidays, Wales, UK

Just because it’s the holidays there is no excuse for letting your social media fall to the wayside.  Even though people are at  home, in today socially minded world they will still be using social media.  People will still be checking their facebook, their twittters – every day they will check.
In today’s world of social media and mobile internet it’s crucial to keep on top of social media.  Check out our video on social media management and find out how best t o keep your online presence up over the Christmas break.
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Short but sweet. We where asked to provide a 10 minute presentation for local businesses at a South Wales Chamber of Commerce networking event this evening. (Green Bower, Slebech, Pembrokeshire) Great turn out considering the weather and the ‘show’ as well received. Please have a look through the slides and call if you need assistance with the management of your business social media strategy or policy.
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By Angus Findlay

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