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The Start of Social Media Training in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

The Start of Social Media Training in Pembrokeshire – Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Hootsuite

Social Media Strategies

This year Web Adept have teamed up with Allan Beaton of Social B2B to deliver a full list of quick and easy Social Media and Search Marketing 3 hour Workshops. The whole aim is to get businesses in Pembrokeshire up to speed with these amazing FREE tools on the internet. They are perfect for our geographical location and the economic environment we find ourselves in. The quicker we all get involved the more of a voice we’ll all have on the internet. They are short n’ sweet, practical, easy to understand and targeted at your business. After 3 hours you’ll walk out the door enlightened…..

The Titles so far:

Understanding Social Media – Book Now

Before you dive into the merky depths of social networking, you first must understand the social web, and just exactly what is going on…

From there, you will be taken through the entire spectrum of social media; its origins, where it is now, and most importantly, where it is going in the future. Top tips will also be discussed for each of the major platforms to give a great foundational understanding of just what is available.

Facebook for BusinessBook Now

With over 800 Million users worldwide, Facebook is by far the largest social networking platform. But, it is also the most confusing and difficult to use; meaning, most business owners are not getting the basics right.

Twitter for business – Book Now

Have you been trying to get to grips with twitter? Still stuck and don’t know where to turn to? Twitter for business is a workshop that is designed specifically for beginners and those that are using the platform, but not getting a ROI. By the end of this workshops, you will be able to do the following….Find out more

Getting it right on Linkedin – Book Now

Join over 135 million other like-minded individuals on the most sophisticated and impressive B2B social networking platform. All attendees will be shown the power of LinkedIn and just how amazing the opportunities are out there. A true workshop has been designed to give every attendee some homework that they can begin to implement immdiately. By the end of this workshop all delegates will be able to do the following:…Find out more

Blogging for business – Book Here

Blogging for business purposes can be one of the most powerful ways of humanising your business or community. Blogging helps you open your shop window to the world and can excelerate connections and followers regionally, nationally, and even internationally…This workshop is designed to walk you through step-by-step, leaving out all of the jargon, how to blog successfully. Find out more

Hootsuite for Business – Book Here

Are you using Hootsuite and not really utilizing all of the benefits? Maybe you are using another dashboard, but not getting the ROI that you deserve? Come along to this “First of it’s kind in Wales” event and get serious about your business and your online conversations. Long gone are the days of spending hours updating your content on multiple sites. Using Hootsuite means that all of your social media can be updated, managed, and measured in one place. Find out more

Social Media strategies Uncovered – Book Here

Do you have a business plan and a strategy for 2012? Most business owners do, but the one thing most of them don’t have is a social media strategy. Why should you have one? What shoud be included? Who should write one in the first place? Every attendee will learn what successful social media strategies look like and what are the best practises. All delegate will complete this workshop with the following information included… Find out more

Social Media Policies in the Workplace – Book Here

If you are like most business owners, you are not happy to see your stafff on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and perhaps Twitter or MSN. If you have a policy of non-access to social networking sites at work, what do you have to say about what your employess say about you after 5pm? You do have rights as an employer regarding what your employees are legally aloud to discuss about your business on social networking sites…. Find out more

The LocationOriel y Parc, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6NW

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By Angus Findlay

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