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Website Services

Use Website Services to speed up your site

‘All things come to he who waits’.

Website Services

Use professional Website Services to achieve a high speed site

Or do they?

If your site is too slow you probably need Website Services.

It is well known that web browsers want instant results.

If they don’t get them they will search elsewhere.

There are any number of free website building tools available. Follow some rudimentary steps and building is relatively simple. The hard part comes after.

So how do you speed up your website?

There are a few things you might be confident to try such as reducing and optimising photo sizes. After all unoptimised photos use a lot of resources and take ages to load. That certainly would make a huge difference. It is possible to reduce your images and keep them sharp. Try using tools such as WP Smush or EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress users or Kraken for everyone including Drupal and Joomla.

More things you can try

You might be happy selecting and disregarding plugins and add-ons. Beware though, disreputable plugins can cause more harm than good. Perhaps you can add or remove social buttons? Don’t use too many. They often confuse readers and their JavaScript can be detrimental. What about uploading and using analytics and ad networks code asynchronously? Can you enable expires headers? Do you know how to use a content delivery network (CDN)? How is your knowledge of gzip compression? Do you know how to optimise your database? Are you able to minify javascripts and css files?

Do you get my drift?

It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, let’s face it, none of these things sounds particularly easy unless you are a computer geek. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why use website services?

So, why not employ the services of the professionals? Your website is probably your most valuable asset. It is your shop window and your means of communication. It shows your clients what you do best. Don’t be let down by a sluggish, hard to access site. Your potential clients are not going to hang around while you figure out what to do. Your website is just like your car. It needs regular servicing to keep it in tip top condition, running smoothly and a joy to use.

Web Adept UK

Web Adept UK offer a range of website services. Furthermore they can carry out a whole Website Audit. They will identify the hidden snags, do speed tests, analyse problems, compare like with like and make constructive suggestions to keep your site running smoothly, fast and easy to use. They can do it all. An annual website MOT. It’s affordable too. If you value your business you will recognise the good value of Web Adept’s Website Maintenance. They can keep your website looking fresh and up to date while providing optimum performance. Check out their Service Level Agreements today.

Give Web Adept UK a call now. Use their Website Services and be confident your website is up to speed.