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Our 2015 Search Engine Optimisation Forecast

So 2014 has gone and you are looking at ways to improve your business in 2015 onwards.  Well as you probably already know your online presence is one of the most important facets of any business which is looking to attract new customers.  So to help you get your foot in the door and started towards a happy search engine optimisation new year here is our Search Engine Forecast for 2015…….

We predict that:

1.  Search Engine Ranking and Content will become even more inextricably linked

That’s right.  We have stressed how crucial engaging and relevant content is for a long time.  Google algorithm updates seem to be moving more and more towards marking out content as the most important element of your website.  This means that businesses who are seeking to improve their search engine rankings but have not placed a coherent content plan in place will continue to fail.  Online businesses who focus on creating great content will improve in the search engines.

2. Unresponsive Websites will Fail

Google has been giving out subtle hints that they are moving closer and closer towards seriously penalizing websites which fall short on the side of mobile responsiveness.  From providing mobile analytics for Google webmasters to penalizing websites which provide errors to users on mobile devices the signs are there that mobile responsive is the future – if you didn’t know that already!

3.  Social Media will influence your ranking

Google has shied away from indexing and taking into account brand social media information, attempting instead to promote it’s own social media agenda in Google Authorship and Google+.  However some elements of Google’s social attempts have fallen short of the desired outcome, which has led to the closing down of attempts such as Google Authorship in August.   There is a debate based around the subject of whether Google already takes signals from social media.  Regardless of whether Google has been using social signals as an indicator in your search engine rankings in the past our bet is they will start doing it more prominently in 2015.  So do try and keep up with your social media! (New News: Twitter!! Get on it as it will now be indexed in Google…..)

4.  Social Media and Content

By improving your websites content strategy and increasing and widening your social media nets you will be providing your potential visitor with the best internet experience possible.  These are ways which Google is pushing you towards providing a better service and making the internet the best place it can be.  This marks an overall bigger step towards outreach and blogging to create real on-line communities, rather than websites filled with over-stuffed key phrases and controlled by merely compliant webmasters.

5. All Aspects of Online Marketing will fuse

In the past online marketing has been split up into distinct areas, e.g. social media, search engine optimisation, content creation.  It is increasingly becoming a total package.  Each strand of online marketing will come together with traditional ‘SEO’ laying the foundations for the rest of a websites online potential.

So, all in all we predict that 2015 will be the year when making the internet a better, more interesting and informative place will be the way forward in order to gain better search engine results. Unsurprisingly great content, social media and mobile responsive websites will be the way to improve your online visibility.

If you would like any help or advice on how to move your website forward in 2015 then contact the team here at Web Adept.  We can help with your social media presence, your content strategy and with your website design and development (we make sure that all of our newly launched websites are mobile responsive!) project.  It’s a new year, why don’t you make it a new online presence for you and your business.