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You may not need a mixing desk to update your marketing mix but we have 3 tips you can try!

3 tips to Improve your Marketing Mix

Going back even 10 years, the marketing mix for any business was quite straightforward: have strategies for your 4 ‘P’s:

  • product, price, place and promotion.

With all these covered you were well on your way to a strong marketing strategy. Today the marketing mix looks a bit different. The reason, or course, is the ascendance of digital marketing.

Is your business flexible enough to adapt to the digital age?

That doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is no longer relevant – but it does mean that your business needs to be much more flexible and willing to adapt to the digital age.

Improving your marketing mix could include any (or all) of the following:

  1. Influencers and content marketing

  • There’s no doubt that Google is making it harder for businesses to be found on the first page of searches by changing algorithms and encouraging the creation of more useful, accurate and relevant content.
  • Google’s tactics mean that ‘content marketing’ is one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing.
  • The balance has shifted from straightforward advertising to producing entertaining and engaging content, drawing consumers in through a voice they trust. ‘Influencers’, such as bloggers and social media advocates, spread the word and awareness about your brand.
  • Celebrity influencers can be hard to find and expensive, so identify an individual or group who will resonate with your customers and help you grow your following. The results can be dramatic if you can make the right connections.

Stay on top of new tools and platforms to make sure you’re where your customers are!

2. Social Media

  • Well planned and orchestrated use of social media by posting regular, well thought out content, can increase brand awareness. It can also show how good your customer service is and how much you value your customers.
  • Social media offer opportunity to convert leads into sales, through the building of relationships with potential as well as existing customers.  Providing useful information and being responsive to questions on a social platform can add that personal, human touch in your online interactions.
  • Social media also offers you the possibility of gaining valuable customer insights. Adverts run through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to view automatic metrics for each campaign, enabling you to see how many people interact with your post or advert and how many clicks it gets. Once you know this you can adapt messaging as you go.
  • Social media interactions can also, over time, help businesses better their search engine rankings.

“It is increasingly hard to separate price and promotion. It is more appropriate to talk about value.” Matt Barwell, Britvic

3. Do Things Differently to Your Competitors

  • With such a wide variety of tools available now to increase awareness of your business, you have ever increasing opportunities to think outside the 4 P’s box, to be more flexible and inventive and to do things differently to your competitors.
  • Check out what your competitors are doing and do whatever your competitors are notdoing to attract new clients. This might be linking up with a complementary organisation to host an event where you can share each other’s contact list and gain access to a bigger database.
  • Find a blogger, in a niche market who can help spread the word about your organisation to their followers too.

There is still a place for the 4P’s, but in today’s fast moving digital age, to stay on top of the competition you also need to stay on top of the new tools and platforms that your customers are engaging with.

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