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Lunar Landings and Landing Pages

Online marketing is not a one off project but an ongoing journey of exploration and discovery. We list 4 key lessons for online marketing, learned from the early lunar landings, or get in touch for a free online marketing review.

Lunar landings? Online marketing? Is this a parallel too far? Stay with us! All will become clear!

Many eyes have been turned skywards over the last few weeks, not least ours, as a new team of astronauts (including, excitingly for us here in the UK, Major Tim Peake, astronaut, hero and all round nice guy. Heck, he even made us want to be astronauts – when we grow up) took to the skies to join the International Space Station. No moon landings though – not this time. Which must be just a tiny bit disappointing if you’re an astronaut. It’s getting on for 45 years since the last manned lunar landing took place, in 1972. However, in the infinite universe of online marketing, there are some lessons to take home from those early intrepid expeditions, once you’ve stopped staring out of the window dreaming of galaxies far, far away…

Online Marketing is a journey

Online marketing isn’t just a question of doing something – building a website – and just leaving it to get on with it. Just as the lunar landings were a culmination of years and years of work, the success of your online marketing will depend on long term persistence; tweaking strategies, building the right platforms. Once you achieve your first goal (your ‘Apollo 11’ if you will), and related targets – you’ll need to reassess, regroup, plan your next goals and the strategies that will take you there. You will need to tweak your website and your online profiles, possibly even build a whole new rocket website if your mission went badly off course … But like the intrepid spacemen and the scientists and engineers behind them, you too can take your online marketing further than before, provided you stick with it.

Plan your goals

We talk a lot about goals, aims, targets – but imagine if the lunar landing missions had no strategic goals. “Hey, yeah, we’re just gonna go up into space, float around a bit, try land on the moon, see what’s going on, I guess”. Hmm. See the problem? Without clear and specific aims for your online marketing, it’s hard to know which tools and platforms you really need, what you’re trying to achieve. Just as having a space rocket does not mean you’re an astronaut, having a website doesn’t mean you are marketing your business online. Sorry (especially about the astronaut bit).

Companies with 40-plus landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with five or less” Hubspot

Landing Pages are a crucial part of your online marketing strategy

Just imagine what would have happened if the early lunar missions landed way off target? Sites were selected for the landings for specific reasons (relatively smooth and flat) – and given the uncharted nature of the moon’s actual surface, well, all kinds of terrible things could have happened. Now, we don’t want to trivialise that but in its own way, making sure your customers arrive at your website on the right place – the right landing page – is crucial to your online marketing.

“Customized landing pages can increase conversion rates by more than 25%” McKinsey & Company


Know what you want your landing page to achieve

We’re back to goals again, and communicating them effectively so that when your landing page is live, it will collect the right information – is it a name and an email address or something else? Define your online marketing goal and create a landing page that’s fit for purpose and the rest of your mission will fall into place – your social media strategy, your email marketing – to bring people to the landing page and achieve what you set out to do.

If online marketing seems as distant to you as the International Space Station, or you simply don’t have time amongst the day job to keep on top of it, we here at Web Adept can help. Based in beautiful St David’s Pembrokeshire, and available to work across the UK and internationally, we offer a free online marketing review if you’re not sure where to get started, or we can solve specific online problems for you. Give us a call on 01437 720033 or email us