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5 Key Points for a Targeted Digital Strategy for Accountancy businesses

The accountancy sector is quickly changing – not only prompted by changes in legislation and procedure, but as a result of the new ways people are working with automated systems, cloud based technology and the increasing popularity of outsourcing. Not all accountancy firms have kept up the pace necessary to stay competitive and visible online in this new digital age. To make sure your accountancy firm stays not only up to date, but ahead of the game, here are 5 simple tips to support your digital strategy and make sure your firm comes out on top.

Audit your Company Website

It’s vital to remember that people search the internet for answers to the problems they are facing. Your website is the perfect place to show your potential customers that you recognise that they have problems and that you can deliver solutions to those problems. This should underpin much of your digital strategy – but let’s start with your website.

Many businesses put their money and effort into other areas of their online presence, without first checking that their website is working hard enough for them. Carry out an audit of your website before you do anything else.

In the accountancy sector, particular questions to ask are:

  • Is your website is mobile responsive, able to target the increasing numbers of tablet and smartphone users who regularly browse the internet from these devices?
  • Are your brand and key messages are clearly communicated through your website.
  • Does your website attract your target market? People looking for assistance with their financial accounts.
  • Does it convert leads and close customers?
  • Do you have good content, calls to action, landing pages and forms to encourage the sale?

A study by Thomson Reuters and the Association for Accounting Marketing showed that many accountants are not making the most of the benefits offered by inbound marketing (which means the ability to get found by your customers). 63% of surveyed CPS firms said their websites were the least effective of their tools used for lead generation. As a result, 60% of the firms surveyed don’t possess tools or technology to convert website visitors to leads. Take advantage of this lack of action by competitors and automate your website marketing process. Encourage your website leads to become conversions through targeted email marketing (see below).


The Deloitte accountancy business website shows easy navigation and a visible click box

The Deloitte website shows easy navigation and a visible click box in a central area of the screen.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Utilise Inbound Marketing to drive more targeted traffic to your website? Either paid search advertising or Search Engine Optimisation can boost the traffic to your website. Your potential clients are likely to be searching online either through the keywords they are searching for (e.g., “Accountants in Pembrokeshire”) or through paid searches, online directories, reviews sites (like and of course social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Content Marketing

A great way to boost your online presence is to create, share and promote high-quality content. This can be done internally, or if this isn’t possible, we can manage this for you.

Whether you realise it or not, you have a wealth of content at your fingertips ready to use. You have excellent Accountancy sector knowledge so you can create the best kind of content: content that answers potential clients’ questions or issues they might have.

You can also use past client work as case studies, using them to answer common questions or areas that other clients might find interesting; alternatively you can provide insight into certain trends you’ve experienced over time. Your firm might also have data which can be used as reports which can form the basis of great content.

Publish regular blogs onto your website incorporating this content, then send out the link to this post through your social media to create interest and encourage visitors to your website.

See an example on the PwC website below, which encourages visitors to actively visit their blog page “Our blogs keep you in touch with our latest thinking” to encourage sign up.

The PwC website actively encourages visitors to go to their blog page

The PwC website actively encourages visitors to go to their blog page


YouTube and Vimeo are great channels where you can talk directly to your clients, on any number of subjects. PwC use their YouTube channel to share thoughts from their CEO’s 20th Survey, their Future Work and Annual Review as well as talking about Global Risk Insights. This is a valuable platform to share your knowledge directly to your clients and to be seen as leaders in your field.

PwC uses their YouTube channel to share knowledge directly to clients.

PwC uses their YouTube channel to share knowledge directly to clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can outperform other types of online marketing, used effectively it can go a long way in reaching your target audience and keeps a relationship going with your existing clients. An email marketing campaign is easy and inexpensive to set-up and run, and can be done even without much computer knowledge.

Accountants can encourage their clients to be pro-active through their campaigns, reminding of when they need to start filling in their tax returns or informing them of the latest tax laws or news.

Review your sign up on your website, so that a prospect who visits the site and leaves their email are automatically sent a series of emails at certain intervals, then the prospect is sent a request to have a meeting with the Accountant.

In summary, now is the time to get ahead of your game with a smart digital strategy in the Accountancy sector. Not all firms are up to speed with marketing in the modern world, and now this means using the latest tools for most effective communications whether it be email newsletters, automated communications or apps for your users’ smart phones. These are all straightforward and you can be helped through this with the help of a digital marketing agency, such as Web Adept. Contact us now to talk through your digital marketing strategy.