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Agile Project Management

Web Adept are Agile Project Management Trained and qualified

We at Web Adept pride ourselves on the level of the work and support we provide.  The high quality of our work has been proven time and time again, most recently with our nomination for a Customer Satisfaction award at this years Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards.

How are we able to consistently provide a high level of customer service?  Well a lot of it comes down to how we manage our projects.  Members of our team have trained and earned qualifications in Agile Project Management and this means that we are fully trained in a form of project management whose aim is to follow tested processes in order to provide a flawless final product.

What does Agile Project Management mean?

Well to be a successful Agile team we have to follow the standard Agile project management principles which go as follows:

  1. Focus on Need
  2. Deliver on Time
  3. Collaborate
  4. Never compromise quality
  5. Build up from firm foundations
  6. Develop iteratively
  7. Communicate clearly and continuously
  8. Control progress

By following Agile standard practices Web Adept are able to offer a flexible and reliable service.  We can directly take the principles of agile project management in order to provide a service which is focused on:

  • Embracing changing project requirements, even if they are submitted late into development
  • Close co-operation between all members of our team and your project, from developers to project managers to the customer
  • An understanding that nothing gets things sortedbetter than direct communication
  • Continuing progress at a constant pace
  • An ever-aware focus on technical excellence and great design
  • Delivery of working projects frequently and consistently at a level which inspires customer satisfaction
  • An understanding that a completed product is our main measure of progress
  • Clarity in understanding that simplicity is essential to minimize time wasted on projects
  • An organised & trusted team is crucial to the smooth completion of projects

So if you’d like to work with a team who build their projects on principles of communication, control, quality and focus then why not contact us now or you can call us on 01437 720 033.