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Another revamped website for Celtic Camping!

celtric camping logoWe’re happy to anounce another revamped website!

Celtic camping offers a wide range of accommodation options, activities and group breaks to suit all budgets. With flexible ‘sole-use’ bunkhouses, traditional camping with an incredible view and an affordable group dormitory area, there is something for everyone. It is located just north of St David’s within the beautiful surroundings of the UK’s only coastal National Park with breath taking views across the Irish Sea.

Celtic Camping had an existing website which promoted the site and facitlities with a working menu and contact details, however, the site needed updating to compete with local competition. It needed increased functionality, content management and a design overhaul. We decided that an overall ethos of “a no nonsense campsite for you to enjoy” must come across from the site.

celtric camping before


This is what the website looked like before and although it served well it needed updating.




celtric camping after



This is the new revamped website which we created for Celtic Camping using up to date images and text and a brand new logo to refresh their image. Please click on the image to visit the website for yourself.



We made lots of use of “white space” to not only set the tone of a “no nonsense campsite” but one of elegance, openness and freshness. White space is also a powerful way of drawing attention to the text and images and increases the legibility of the web page to help users better understand what they are reading.

The whole site was built around a full Content Management System (CMS) which allows updating of all content by the Celtic Camping staff including latest news, blog posts and social media platforms.

The site also allows for the user to submit their information which is sent to the desired email address to follow up with.


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By Katy Thomas

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