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Web Adept Daily News

We are slowly getting on top of keeping you in touch with news and developments not only through our Twitter @webadeptuk or Facebook /webadeptuk but also through our daily news release. Heres the latest Newsletter of SEO Info. Sign up to it if you want to sent directly to you….. Web Adept Daily News Enjoy!!... Read More

Google to abandon older browsers

Google is phasing out support for older browsers from 1 August 2011 At last someone, Google, is making people update their browsers. This may be seen as Google policing people but it will help everyone. Extra security, better experience, better usability and for us web developers we don’t have to make our sites compatable with... Read More

App development on the BBC

Even Lord Alan Sugar wants a piece of the online market (just don’t mention AMSTRAD): The Apprentice – Apps Yes Apps are the next thing for businesses to see if they can embrace. Another mass market to tap into with a little thought and some clever people to develop. Hurry up if you have an... Read More

Web Adept Gazette

Web Adept Gazzette is out! ? Top stories today. Read up and keep up with the latest in SEO, Social Media and more hints & Tips. ? By Angus Findlay ?