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General Terms of Trade

General Terms of Trade:

Domain Management – We will contact you when the domain/s are up for renewal, manage the renewal process and check functionality.

Emergency contact – You will be provided with a means to escalate issues directly to management pagers and at-call staff outside of normal working hours.

Website protection – Should someone maliciously attack your website, deface it, or similar we will restore your website and use the allocated time to attempt to fix the issue. If more is needed the client will be contacted.

Web hosting administration – We provide hands-on technical support and manage your website hosting and email so you can focus on your business. You do not need to worry about understanding technical jargon and using the hosting control panel. We will advise and administer everything for you!

Tasks performed include managing:

  • email accounts
  • domain name settings
  • page redirects
  • cPanel administrative tasks

Advanced support (/mo.) – Advanced support is highly recommended for those who need help managing their website 1.Website maintenance: Do you have a busy business and no time to work on your website? Are you unsure about how to make design or content changes? Contracting work to a designer or web developer each time can be quite expensive. Under our service plans, we can act as your personal web team to advise and do it all for you.

2. Website development:We perform development work on your website as directed including:

  • adding pages and content
  • enhancing website functionality
  • copying files and images to website
  • installing web applications
  • coding tasks (e.g., PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript).

3.Solutions analysis: We can review, research and recommend systems and solutions to enhance your website and provide you and your business with competitive advantages.

4.Remote support: We can log into your computer remotely to assist with setting up email accounts and to provide support and training on any matter related to your website.

5. Site Health Check: We’ll all is working as it should. Contact form/links/pages/functionality/analytics/webmaster.

CMS Support: Assistance with general tasks within the CMS.

Server Back Ups: The daily/weekly/monthly backups are retained on our server for your website/s.

Secure remote backups: We backup your website/s and email to a remote server for added safety.

Backup restores: The amount of times we will freely restore your website/s should anything go wrong.