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Harness the psychology of web design to improve your website

Creating a website that delivers return on investment for your business, in whatever form that might be, involves a careful balancing of technical skill, creative flair and psychological know how. You also need a killer digital marketing strategy but that’s another story. In this blog, we’re taking a look at the psychology of web design and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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Easy on the eye

There are a number of visual cues you can use to your advantage when designing your website to maximum effect

  • Layout

Did you know that when most of us read webpages, we scan in a Z shape, starting in the top left corner? Bearing this in mind, think about focusing important information at the top left, the middle and the bottom right of each web page.

  • Colour

Much has been written about the psychology of colour, and the lessons apply as much to successful web design as it does to any other aspect of business branding. Of course, your website needs to reflect your brand, and established ‘company colours’, but you may still be able to incorporate ‘colour psychology’ into your web design and don’t forget.

  • Typeface

If you know a graphic designer you’ll know all about typefaces, but the fact is that the font you use on your website will help convey the tone of the words on the page. There is also a huge variety of fonts to choose from – so no need to use Comic Sans ever again…

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All in the Mind

  • Earn trust

Whether you’re selling online or using your website as the mainstay of your online brand to generate leads, it’s vital for successful web design that your website generates trust in your visitors. Avoid confusion, highlight the safety and security of any transactions, and offer a point of human contact so that users feel like they’re dealing with real people.

  • Flattery

May not get you absolutely everywhere you want, but people (that’s visitors to your website) like to be recognised. Making your website as friendly, personal and as interactive as possible will bring rewards to your business by recognising and embracing this aspect of human nature.

  • Content

Your website may be easy to use and pretty to look at but it also needs to trigger particular responses in your visitors if it’s going to deliver ROI. Incorporating content – images, positive stories, statistics – that will reinforce the behaviour you are seeking to trigger – be it a sale or a sign up to a newsletter is vital when designing your website.

If your website is feeling a little outdated, or you’re considering a brand new website, why not get in touch with us here at Web Adept – 01437 720033. We’ve been designing and building websites since 1997, and have the know how not only to create a great online presence, but also to help you market it effectively.

Watch this space for Web Adept’s own brand new web site. Set to be unveiled in May!