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Eaton Evans & Morris

eaton evans & morris web design by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website design
✔ Website development
✔ Hosting

Project Description

For over 200 years the firm of Eaton-Evans and Morris has been providing the local community with a wide range of legal services.  As a professional team, their objective is to provide their clients with wholly independent legal services to the highest standard.

Aims of the Website 

At the beginning of the project Eaton Evans & Morris did not have an Internet presence but understood that a website is a necessary part of marketing the business.  The web site will be another route to market so to attract new clients across the UK and to show present clients the other services they can provide


Web Adept set out to provide Eaton Evans & Morris with a professional web presence. By coding and designing a personalised website we have given Eaton Evans & Morris an online platform from which to launch their brand.  By generating a professional look and brand, whilst also clearly marking out the separate services they provide we have created a site which is sleek, helpful, and easily navigable.