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Get Online in Wales

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔Interactive Map Integration
✔Big-Lingual Functionality
✔Membership login area

Project Description

Get Online Wales is a a Digital Communities Wales project delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre.  They have helped communities get online since they were founded in 2005.  They offer digital inclusion courses, and useful resources for those looking to improve their skills.  The Get Online Wales project is a Wales-wide database which features every learning centre in Wales where users can improve their computer literacy levels.

Aims for the website

The Get Online in Wales project’s aim was to provide a Wales-wide platform for centre managesr, and course providers to add their information in order for users to be able to find and attend classes on a central platform.  It needed to be easy to use, feature over-all level of management, be clean and tidy for the user and provide the easiest route for them to find all the information they required in order to reach the desired level of digital inclusion.


This was a more complicated type of project than our usual one as it required us to build an online database with various levels of managability and important usership roles.  We have built a three tier system which means that users can find the information they require, centre managers can add the information and accessibility information which they need to add in order to advertise their courses, and Digital Communities Wales have the highest level of managerial usability within the site as they are then able to oversee and manage all lower levels of usership.

This is important as they are online co-operative it is important that no inappropriate content appears on the website.  We also incorporated a flag function which means that if a user is navigating the website and finds incorrect information they are able to flag it up in order to bring the administrators attention to it.

This project also included a  Wales-wide interactive map which allows users to search for computer courses near them, and to view the close courses in list and map view, with options to print them off.  As it is a welsh project it was also necessary for it to be bi-lingual, a feature which makes it very easy for the user to tab between Welsh and English.

The result of Web Adept’s hard work is a website which is intuitive, up-to accessibility code, and bi-lingual.