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Morris UK

Ben Morris New Website, Web Design by Web Adept Pembrokeshire

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Bespoke Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development

Project Description

Morris UK provide businesses and community projects with the business advice which they need. Their extensive business experience means that they are able to provide the advice that will take your project from strength to strength.  Morris UK can help you with all manner of business-related problems from financial planning advice to Marketing plans.

Aims of the Website

Morris UK were after a simple brochure website which would reflect well on their brand and also simply and easily show their visitors what services it is that they offer.  Clear navigation and straight-forward design was key in this project.  Morris UK also wanted to have certain pages which were only accessible to certain family members in order to use the website as an online message board for the family.

The Solution

Web Adept, also Pembrokeshire based, have designed, built and coded Morris UK’s new website. The new site has the core functionality that the project required whilst also displaying the information attractively and clearly.  Web Adept have also set up password protected private pages so that family members can also use the site as a message board. In completing this project we have designed an easy to use, simply-updated website which meets all of Morris UK’s needs.