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Neil Finlay Cars

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive Design
✔ WordPress Theme development

Project Description

Neil Finlay Cars is a customer focused Pembrokeshire based used car dealership which has been in business since 2005.  Neil prides his business on the fact that each car is individually chose and vetted by the proprietor Neil Finlay and must under-go a series of rigorous tests and checks before being released to the forecourt for purchase.  This hands-on management style means that Neil Finlay Cars is one of the best used-car dealerships in the county and are well known for their high-level of customer and aftersale services.

Aims for the website

Neil Finlay Cars old website was quite a few years out of date.  It’s functionality was very clunky and difficult to use.  He wanted a new website which could be updated in house, easily and quickly.  It needed to have his cars at the center of it and to also stress the aftercare and financial services which his brand was proud of.


Web Adept took the basic colours of the website and rebuilt a new website on a much more up to date platform.  It’s design put the cars at the center.  Vehicles feature on the first page, and the financing and aftercare services are spread through out the site.  We have also included a financial calculator on each page which will hopefully give users the financial information which they need to complete their purchase right at their fingertips.  The Content-Management System used on the website is also easy to use,and has been chosen as it can be accessed through a mobile app which means that Neil can keep the website up to date whilst on the go, ensuring that his website is always up to the moment.  The final outcome is a website which is easy to use and attractive, his visitor rates have gone up and his new mobile-responsive site is getting a lot of traffic.