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Nosferatu Limosuines

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Project Info

✔ Website Design
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✔ WordPress Theme development
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Project Description

Nosferatu Limousines are a UK-based limousine company who provide a very different limo service.  They offer limo’s for gothic events, ranging from stag and hen nights, weddings, Halloween events, gothic events, and ghost tours.  They can organize the gothic transportation you want for your event.  You’re sure to be noticed!

Aims of the website

Nosferatu Limousines offer a really individual service to a fairly specific market, therefore their website was designed to stick out in the market.  They also wanted to project their product to a wider audience, with the aim of appealing to more weddings, and proms whilst also maintaining their gothic image.


To maintain the dark individualism of the gothic market, we strove to maintain the colour scheme of blacks and purples.  In order to appeal further to a wider audience the inclusion of more photos  was recommended, as they strengthen the understanding of the service which is provided.  By including ‘calls to action’ on all the pages we optimised the traffic going through the website by urging users to contact Nosferatu Limousines, and added easy social sharing which makes the site simple to update, therefore advancing their search engine prominence.  By having a website created, and designed to their individual needs, Nosferatu  Limousines now have a website which serves as a strong social platform for them to advertise to new customers and links in with the modern social media platforms and also communicates with the mobile revolution by being mobile responsive.