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Pembrokeshire YFC

Pembrokeshire YFC Homepage Web Design by Web Adept Pembrokeshire

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Responsive
✔ WordPress Theme development
✔ Hosting
✔ Bi-lingual
✔ Interactive Calenday
✔ Mailing List

Project Description

Pembrokeshire YFC is a branch of the well-known and widespread Young Farms Clubs, which provide the largest youth organisation for the whole of rural Wales.  They put on a host of activities, and organise a range of clubs and events.  They are a massive organisation which serves the youth of  Pembrokeshire.

Aims of the website

They wanted a new website to modernise their image and was based on their logo and organisational colours.  It needed to showcase their events, have relevant and useful information, be easily navigable, highlight their sponsors and include a calendar and mailing list function.  They wanted their website to be able to interest new visitors whilst also maintaining a high level of repeat traffic.  By being based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales they also wanted a bi-lingual element to the new website.

The Solution

Web Adept designed and built a website which ties in well with their brand and message.  It includes a sponsorship function, mailing list, and calendar.  All the functions are designed to be user-friendly and the website overall is eaily navigable.  We have created a website which is welcoming and on message, the gallery highlights  the fun events which they host and organise, and it also boasts a bi-lingual element for the Welsh speakers.