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Planed Homepage Web Design by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website Design
✔ Website development & Coding
✔ Hosting
✔ WordPress Platform

Project Description

Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise & Development (PLANED) is a community led local development partnership.  PLANED works throughout Pembrokeshire, build on the local community led approach in which communities, public sector and voluntary partners and special interest groups come together to undertake locally integrated development.

Aims of the Website 

They already had a web site for a number of years which had become out dated and hard to navigate.  They wanted a revamp of the design and navigation to make it more presentable and simple to navigate – this is aimed to include and interest more people in the community to get involved.


Web Adept developed and coded a fresh new website for PLANED.  A website is seen as an essential tool to attract new customers looking for their service on the Internet in addition to keep the present client base informed of projects.  Web Adept provided them with a 24/7 shop front and an effective tool to communicate with their community and to promote their business through their Content Management System (CMS) and Interactive Blog.