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St. Davids Cathedral Festival

St. Davids Cathedral Festival Web Design by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website design
✔ Website development
✔ Responsive
✔ Gallery
✔ Online Booking System
✔ WordPress theme Development
✔ Hosting

Project Description

St. Davids Cathedral hosts an annual musical festival in the Cathedral grounds.  Gaining sponsors and friends of the festival it has grown each year and has now become a massively popular set of events taking place in the picturesque city of St. Davids

Aims of the Website

Having previously shared their online presence with St. Davids Cathedral, St. Davids Cathedral Festival were looking at getting a whole new website in order to promote their online presence.  This new website needed to be designed with the aim of attracting a new, larger audience and generating bookings.


By providing St. Davids Cathedral festival with a newly designed website we have given them a platform from which they can launch their own marketing campaign.  It is beautifully designed and features memorable and striking images.  We have created a website which people will want to return too.  It is also shared on all the major social platforms which will hopefully generate a wider audience base.  A website is an essential tool to promote the festival, engage with its followers through social media, and encourage online booking in a festival which has previously stuck with the old paper based methods.  We have given St. Davids Cathedral Festival an attractive, easily navigable, responsive website which will attract new customers but also retain the old supporters.

“We’re really happy with the website. People keep telling me how much they like it and how easy it is to use. The online booking is going pretty well too!”