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Upton Farm Frozen Foods

Upton Farm Homepage designed and developed by Web Adept

Project Info

✔ Website development & Coding
✔ Hosting
✔WordPress Platform

Project Description

Upton Farm are West-Wales based catering supply service who provide a great, friendly services whilst also stocking the big-name brands and the local brands.

Aims of the Website 

Upton Farms were looking to create a new web site to modernise the image of the company and it’s method of communication with clients, current and potential.  It needed to display the products they sell, and act as a point of contact for clients and customers.


Web Adept developed and coded a fresh new website for Upton Farm Frozen Foods.  By peppering through calls to action and contact details we provided them with a website which aims to motivate further sales, and to convert traffic into actions.  We created a website which is easily navigable, and which displays the brands and types of food they stock.  We have emphasised their location and catchment area.