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painted Easter eggs in an egg box schedule your social media gives you more time to enjoy family time this Bank holiday

Schedule your Easter Bank Holiday

Even if you don’t usually use scheduling tools to automate your social media, a long weekend, such as the Easter Bank Holiday is a great time to take advantage of the opportunity that scheduling tools offer. Here are some top tips to help you enjoy the Easter break without compromising your social media strategy!

  1. Assess whether you need to maintain any social media over the long weekend

An important first step – for some businesses and organisations, putting in the effort to schedule social posts for the Bank Holiday weekend may not be the best use of your time. For more traditional businesses, those with ‘9-5’ hours, perhaps, are your customers really going to be looking for your services over a long weekend? On the other hand, if your core business is directly related to the weekend – tourism and leisure-focused businesses, there’s every advantage to be gained from maintaining your social presence over the Bank Holiday.

  1. Think carefully about what you will post about

Social media has never been about the hard sell. It’s important to remember that many of your customers will be looking to relax and enjoy their time over the Bank Holiday, so tap into that for your social media posts. If you’re promoting an event or a service that will benefit people over the long weekend, it’s worth a mention, although if you’re doing social media right, your social posts will already be raising awareness, so just a reminder of what’s going on should be enough on teh weekend itself!

  1. Think about when to schedule your posts, too!

‘When’ is equally as important as ‘what’ when it comes to social posting. If you haven’t already considered posting times in relation to your social media, this might be a good time to start! Here are plenty of generic articles out on the internet about the best times to post on social media – but ultimately, you should be building up a picture of the best days and times for your business. Start off by accessing basic analytics – for example from the Insights section of your Facebook page – and then experimenting. Think about when you get the most engagement from your posts – in the evenings? At the weekends? And then think about what your social followers will be doing. It’s good bet that there will be chocolate involved on Easter Sunday…

  1. Choose your automation platforms

If you’ve thinking about automation generally, it’s worth spending some time looking at all the platforms available. Hootsuite offers the opportunity to schedule posts to most social networks – but if you’re only using one platform, there are other options. Facebook has its own internal scheduling tool, and for Twitter, try Tweetdeck.

  1. Remember to update after the weekend!

It can be easy to think that once posts are scheduled, you can sit back, relax and forget about everything – and to an extent, you can. If you’re happy to respond to comments, replies and mentions over the weekend, all well and good, but if you’re logging off completely, make this clear somewhere on your social posts. Once you’re back to reality, too, remember to log on and respond to any engagement your automated tweets received.

Scheduling is a great way to maintain a social media presence on an ongoing basis – if you’d like some help to get a strategy for your social media and online marketing up and running, which incorporates automation, get in touch!