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SEO Packages

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website or your web page in a search engine’s organic search results. The major search engines to be considered are Google, Bing and Yahoo and your site will be ranked on how relevant your site appears to be in relation to a search.

Are you wondering why you have your website live but you don’t seem to be getting any visitors or online results? Are you carefully monitoring your google analytics every month only to find it disappoints you?

Our Example:

If you google UK Florist, google will find 4,12,000 sites which it feels match your google search. Now… how is this florist going to ensure that their site is more relevant and is presented on the first page?

Search Engine Optimisation is not black magic, it is a careful mix of key phrase manipulation, indexing, firefighting and working with/monitoring the search engines in order to gain more online visibility for your website

How Web Adept can help with Search Engine Optimisation

Here at Web Adept we can review your site and advice you as to the best package and route available to you. We won’t baffle you with techy words. We will explain Search Engine Optimisation in a way you can understand. We will help you match your key phrases with the optimisation and help you market each page.

We have team members, who are specialists in marketing, key phrase selection, the use of social media to boost your online presence and search engine optimisation. All these elements should work together to get your website the best online results.

Would you like us to review your site and see how hard it is working for you?

Free SEO Analysis with Web Adept UK


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