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Why SEO Works

Why SEO Works

Does Search Engine Optimisation Still Raise your Online Presence?

Having an online organic SEO strategy in place is more important than ever. If you want your branding online to succeed and you want to have an online presence and not just disappear into the sea of unwanted and unseen websites. You need to act now and start working towards online visibility.

A Brief Explanation of What SEO Search Engine Optimisation is

You want your site to be relevant to organic searches typed into google. When we refer to organic searches we are referring to the questions clients are typing into google or other search engines.


A lady sits on her sofa and types ‘bakery Swindon’ into her tablet. She has already made a buying decision. She wants make a purchase from a Bakery in Swindon. Now Google has offered the lady 244,000 related websites which contain relevant content for ‘bakery Swindon’. Now the reality is that there may only be 20 bakeries or less with websites in Swindon. So this is where marketing a website with key phrases and the use of Search Engine Optimisation would take 1 of these bakeries and move them from within the 244,000 related searches and into the no 1 page.

Google’s crawlers will be continuously reading your sites content to see how relevant it is to the search queries.

SEO makes your site relevant and active in the eyes of Google Bing and Yahoo. Search engines collect information from every page on the internet and review its compatibility to the search. That is a lot of pages and websites.

So Why Choose Web Adept for your Search Engine Optimisation Do For You?

SEO is based on algorithms (search engines) crawling through the internet looking for matches to the buying phrases a potential visitor has typed in. When you sign up for Search Engine Optimisation one of the main tasks included is to present your key phrases and long tail phrases (buying phrases) to the search engines. Instructing the algorithms that your site is relevant.

Why Web Adept:

  • Web Adept having been proving online marketing since 1996
  • We are results driven
  • We are an award winning company
  • You will have a designated Account Manager

Our Search Engine Optimisation Tasks Undertaken

  • Monitor the Search Engines
  • Use Web Master Tools and Indexing
  • Continual Site Monitoring/Review
  • Continual Key Phrase/ Long Tail Phrase/ Buying Phrase Work
  • Determine Quality Directories and submit
  • Determine Quality Back Links
  • Constant Tracking
  • Monitor Site Health
  • Firefighting to Keep your Site Live and Relevant to the Search Engines

Web Adept will track and monitor your sites online visibility continually.  This enables the team adapt the strategy each month as to what is required to push the site to its full potential.  This will be reviewed by our team actioned upon and reported back to you monthly.

Each client has a monthly SEO report and every 6 months and in-depth review is carried out.

Check out our slideshow on key phrases and preparation for Search Engine Optimisation.

Use a company for your Search Engine Optimisation who have clear understanding of what is required and can show you results.