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Why does my Website get Hacked?

Q. Why does my website get hacked?

A.  Hackers attack websites for a number of reasons.  They may want to gain credit card details, or use your site to launch other attacks, to download malware or just for fun and bragging rights.

When it comes to your website being hacked many people, understandably, feel as though the hack is a personal attack.  But they rarely are.  Here is a break down of the main motivations of a hacker.

  • Bragging rights.  Younger hackers or ones who just like to cause a bit of trouble may hack into your website to simply put up their own personal tags or messages.  From there they can gloat about their cleverness over social networks.  These are the hackers who get a kick out of hacking.
  • Political motivation.  Some hacker groups use hacking as a means of protest.  For example, Anonymous, are one of the highest ranking of those kind of groups.
  • Website promotion.  Search Engines register the amount of links which run back to a website, and the more links you have going back to your site the higher they would rank in those search engines.  So a hacker might go into the back of your website and just add random links to a website that is in no way connected to your business but is a website that the hacker wishes to promote.
  • Information collection.  This information could either be financial or login details.  Both can be put to use. To the person using the hacked website the hacked website would install mallware onto their computer and sends the information the user puts in back to the hacker.  Or the hacker could replace the pay-now link on a website with a link back to the hackers payment page – which will look exactly to the viewer as the authentic payment page.

If your website has been hacked, or you are worried that it might have been don’t take the risk of leaving it.  Please feel free to give us a ring on 01437 720 033 or contact us here.  There are various options when it comes to fixing a site, we will help you pick the best one.

Or for more information on hackers and their motivations take a look at our blog article here.